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What are some documents that are typically shared with family members?

• oral and written family histories • family histories generated by genealogy software • legal documents (wills, probate records, land sale contracts, etc.) • newspaper and magazine articles written about family members (wedding announcements, obituaries, etc.) • excerpts from historical books • lists of research contacts • sources and reference materials • computer files sent to you on a disk or by e-mail • genealogy charts (ahnentafel, pedigrees, descendancy) • maps and diagrams • migration maps • timelines • family photos • family recipes • diaries • family addresses and birthdays • family group sheets

What are some “tips” for a finding and creating a family keepsakes?

• find the “family historian” or “old timers” in your family and ask them lots of questions • locate family members who are willing to share their "family collectibles" with you - write letters and make phone calls • follow up on the "clues" that you are given • act on your hunches • don't take everything at face value • try to verify all information you see or hear • be sure to document your sources • give proper credit to your sources • keep good records • obey the current copyright laws (ie. 50 years after death of creator or before August of 1906) • share what you discover with others and they will share what they discover with you

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