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Kindred Keepsakes is a home-based, online storefront that provides family history products for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, or memorials. The goal of Kindred Keepsakes is to help families preserve their heritage and traditions.

Owner Joanne Todd (formerly Rabun) worked as a typographer, graphic designer, and network administrator in the printing industry from 1976 until 1995 and has a Certificate in Graphic Design from the University of California. She has been a professional web designer and active member of the online genealogy community since 1995.

Two of her genealogy websites, The Gene Pool and Quaker Corner, have been online since 1995. She has also been an active family historian for over 10 years and has produced many treasured keepsake items for her family.

Kindred Keepsakes has created and distributed many genealogy forms through the Oregon Genealogical Society in Eugene, Oregon.



Joanne recently started her own business, Delta Oaks Design, which offers online solutions, print solutions, and website support services to individuals, groups, busy professionals, and small businesses. Clients are located all over North America.

Most of Joanne's work is done as her client’s Virtual Assistant. A VA is an independent business owner who provides creative or administrative support from a remote location.

Joanne has worked directly with auctioneers, newspaper advertisers, political groups, auction associations, truck and heavy equipment dealers, family historians, and many others.

The latest in technology is used to communicate effectively, create outstanding online and print products, and manage the business. Her son, Marc Rabun, a computer programmer, brings his expertise to the business.

Put Joanne's 30 years of experience to work for you. Delegate those time-consuming tasks to her so you can focus on what you do best!


Interest in the origins of words and phrases started with a simple web page called Ye Olde English Sayings which led to a world-wide debate over the origins of many common phrases such as "dressed to the nines" and "saved by the bell". That first page grew quickly and What’s the Meaning of This? and AmeriSpeak were created.

Media professionals can use the Business Buylines website to help them develop ideas for a wide range of projects. The extensive collection of clichés, mottos and slogans may hold the answer for creative types who are feeling a bit creatively challenged.

AmeriSpeak Business Buylines Good Words
Ye Olde English Sayings What's the Meaning of This?
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